What Are Your Options For Business Credit Cards?

No matter what level you are in business, whether or not you are still a startup or are an established business with how many employees, you will definitely benefit from having a credit card that you use only for business expenses. For one thing, it will make accounting simple as you’ve already drawn a demarcation line in your finances – from the business and the personal. But you might be asking what your options are when it comes to business credit cards.

Well, your options ran the whole range from small banks to the large national banks. If you are shopping for a credit card, you need to make sure that you compare at least three products before deciding which one to sign up to use. While it’s obvious, you need to take into consideration the interest rate or APR, and you also need to consider the perks of using credit.

While we do not know anything about the local banks, we do know that the big national banks like Bank of America, American Express, and Chase offer huge rewards for frequent swipes of their business credit cards. Later in this article, you will see, the brief description of the various credit card products being offered by the three.



Chase Ink

– This credit provides a lot in the way of a sign-up bonus as well as perks. One thing that we like about it is that there are no fees for using your credit card overseas. You can also earn five points for every dollar you spend office supplies. If you spend $5,000 within the first three months from opening your account, you can earn an additional 60,000 bonus points, which you can convert to $750 for travel expense through the Chase Ultimate Rewards. You can assign a credit card to your employees at no extra cost. The annual fee is only $95.



American Express SimplyCash Plus

– If you prefer not to pay an annual fee on your business credit card, then you absolutely need to have the AmEx SimplyCash Plus card. You get five percent cash back on office supplies and wireless phone services. Aside from this, you have the option of adding one more category of business expense so you can get an additional three percent cash back. Some of the categories that you can choose from to get that extra 3% cash back on direct purchases of airfares, direct hotel bookings, direct car rentals, gas stations, restaurants, and advertising.



Bank of America Business MasterCard

– You do not need to pay an annual fee with this credit card, and you earn a $100 credit bonus on top of the rewards. You receive three percent cash back on gas stations and office supplies, two percent for restaurants, and one percent on all other purchases.

The three credit cards we mentioned above are just some of the credits that Chase, Amex and Bank Of America offers. Each bank has other types of business credit cards. Please visit a branch near you to get more details.