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What are the short and long-term goals of the company?

What product or service would you like to sell more of?

What is the average lifetime value of your average customer? This is your profit over the life of that customer.

Who is your ideal client?

Have you had previous credit accounts for your company? If so, please check the credit line amounts.
Over $5,000 per monthOver $25,000 per monthOver $250,000 per month

Please, write as many divisions you would like to set up or have set up please specify, and include their lines of existing credit and if they are in good standing or not.

Please list the specific types of credit cards your company would like to target and include the types of trade lines of credit. If you are targeting national resellers, just type in the United States (US) after each line of credit requested.

How many additional customers would you like to acquire a month? Please set a number, and include how much credit do you need to achieve your goals.

Who is your competition? What is your budget range for getting new customers?

What would you say has been your least & most effective advertising method?

What is your biggest concern working with a company for designing your corporate structure and developing a strong credit profile for your business?